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About Deniable Darwin

About Deniable Darwin

In a Controversial New Book, David Berlinski Tears Apart the Facade of Scientific Overconfidence

When it comes to some of life’s most profound questions—the origins of life, of matter, of the universe itself—does modern science already have everything all figured out? Many scientists would like us to think they are mere steps away from solving all the deep enigmas of physical existence.

Consummate skeptic David Berlinski shows that all such confidence is at best a bluff. In essays about evolution using humor and wit, Berlinski shows how lost today’s scientists really are. His new book The Deniable Darwin frees us from the superstition of preening scientism and illuminates the path to a renewal of real science.

In The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays (DI Press 2009) Berlinski wields his famous skepticism excluding neither Darwinism nor intelligent design from his critical eye.  Included among the 32 essays spanning 15 years are his award winning essays What Brings a World into Being?, and On the Origins of Mind (Best American Science Writing 2002, 2005 respectively).

The prolific author of numerous books on mathematics and logic, he has written a series of famously controversial essays on biology, physics, psychology, and mathematics in Commentary magazine, provoking each time an outpouring of dumbfounded letters to the editor. Berlinski’s replies are witty and sharp. For the first time, The Deniable Darwin collects all of these essays and exchanges, and others in a similar vein, into a single volume