“No one can read David Berlinski’s The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions and not come away thoroughly impressed”

No one can read David Berlinski’s The Devil’s Delusion: Atheism and Its Scientific Pretensions and not come away thoroughly impressed with the brilliance of its argumentation and critique of scientism. Berlinksi is not a believer, but a secular Jew. Yet, he recognises that many of the popular arguments against religion and for science are philosophically naive, pretentious and chauvinistic. The New Atheists are not well schooled in philosophy and certainly not in the philosophy of science. They don’t realise science is not philosophically neutral. From The war over religion by Ian Boyne.

The Devil’s Delusion Continues To Sell Well

When The Devil’s Delusion was originally published in hardback in 2008, it went through several printings and was sold out in less than six months. More than a year later the paperback version finally made it into print, and it has gone through at least three printings already is selling very well according to the publisher, Basic Books.  This week the book climbed again into the top 300 selling books at Amazon.com, and is still in the top 1000, as well as being the #1 selling book on Science & Religion.  Amazon.com Sales Rank: #729 in Books (See Bestsellers in Books)Popular in these categories: (What’s this?) #1 in Books > Religion & Spirituality > Religious Studies > Science & Religion #2 in Books > Read More ›

David Berlinski on The Deniable Darwin and Commentary

Q: Many of the most important and lengthiest essays in The Deniable Darwin were originally published in Commentary magazine. How did that fruitful partnership, or patronship, come about? Did you encounter any resistance from the Commentary readership? DB: My association with Commentary was a stroke of good luck. I wanted a wider readership. Who doesn’t? So I wrote [editor] Neal Kozodoy a letter. It was 1994. Neal, for reasons of his own, thought it important to broaden Commentary‘s intellectual horizons. We had been struck by the fact that science as an institution lacks for critics. To a very surprising extent, it gets a free pass. So our association began. I’ve never known a better editor. “The Deniable Darwin” provoked a great deal of controversy when it was published. Read More ›

Berlinski in The Deniable Darwin: Science Needs Its Own Critics

NewsBusters has a great interview with David Berlinski by Kevin Mooney, who praises The Deniable Darwin as “a series of mind-bending essays.” Proving once again that he is a skeptic’s skeptic, Dr. Berlinski addresses the lack of criticism in science: “In the U.S. you have the separation of powers that keeps different branches in check, but this is not true for science, where there is now a lot of corruption,” he observed. “Science needs its own critics. The same skepticism that is used in research now needs to be turned back onto science itself.”  Dr. Berlinski’s essays go a long way toward rectifying this situation, while his observations and insights quickly reveal how ridiculous the anti-ID crowd can be: But there is nothing wrong Read More ›

David Berlinski on The Dennis Miller Show

Recently David Berlinski was on The Dennis Miller Show, where he discussed The Deniable Darwin and The Devil’s Delusion while explaining his stance as a secular Jew attacking atheism. Click here to listen.